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If you are familiar with what an MPC is and you follow Jungle music, then you might have heard of Spinscott! This stateside artist has been into music from an early age with years of drumming before moving into djing and producing. He offers up real-time jungle productions on the MPC, loop and sequence free. With new music on the way via the Elm Imprint label and an increasing list of gigs we caught up with Scott for a chat.

Hello Scott, thanks for chatting with us for a bit. How is your summer going so far?

Thanks for inviting me to have a chat with DNB Universe! Summer is going very well, super busy on all fronts. Time always seems to fly by this time of year, so trying to keep focus on finishing projects and optimizing for shows while staying cool in the hot & humid weather.

So it looks like you have a vinyl single coming out here very soon on the stateside label, Elm Imprint. Both tracks "Make It Funky" and "Lovelight" are great productions! How nice is it to be able to release music on a dnb label so close to home?

Glad you like the productions, and I’m very excited about this release on Elm Imprint! People have been asking for a Spinscott vinyl release for quite a while, and I am very thankful for that level of interest. What I like about Elm Imprint is that they the enthusiasm and drive of a new upcoming label, while bringing a wide range of experience in the fundamental aspects of selecting & marketing electronic music. I’ve enjoyed the freedom to have influence over all aspects of the project, while getting some guidance from the label owner. I also like the international approach to this project, with the label being stateside and the pressing being done overseas.

We have really been enjoying the video uploads on your Youtube channel. Have you been getting some good feedback lately from your viewers?

Thanks for watching the videos! I get a lot of feedback on my Youtube content, including general comments, requests to remix (or as I call it re-play) classics, to questions about gear selection, booking requests, and more. It has been a great vehicle to reach new listeners and oldschool Junglists alike, and I try to respond to as many of the comments as possible. was where I first started sharing the live drum machine videos, so I make sure to keep up with posting fresh content from time to time and checking the feedback.

Besides extra amounts of coffee to get you going, is there a warm up routine for your fingers that you follow before jumping on the MPC?

Good question here! Coffee has always had an opposite effect on me than many other people, in that it really has a calming effect and helps me focus. (even helps me sleep when I am on a crazy schedule!) I don’t really have a warm up routine, as I am always drumming or tapping on things and stay relatively loose. I find that just jumping in and hitting record keeps things fresh and leads to a more freestyle / randomized output.

Do you feel that picking up the MPC after drumming for so many years was just a natural progression for you from djing? Also how many drum machines do you have now and when did you acquire your first one?

Adding a drum machine as an integral part of my performance was definitely a natural evolution. I’ve been a drummer since I was around 5 years old, and back when I was an “all vinyl” DJ, I would be constantly “air drumming” while mixing. Sometimes I would bring hand drums to gigs to play rhythms over the music, but I never really thought of adding an electronic instrument back then. In 2013 I bought my first drum machine / sampler to produce a Hip Hop EP, and the first thing I did was record some of the classic breaks into it and cut them up to see if I could tap out some Jungle beats. At the time, I had never heard of these types of drum machines being used as performance DJ tools, and I thought they were only used for studio production. (they of course played a major role in the development of many electronic music genres!) A month or so after buying my first drum machine, I started bringing it to gigs and developed my “Jungle Plus Drums” platform. Today, I maintain a small selection of just a few drum machines for my live performances / gigs, and for use in the studio.

Is there any forthcoming music, collabs, or remixes we should watch for?

Lots of new music projects in the works! In addition to the Elm Imprint release that drops at the end of July 2017, I have some digital releases that are in the final mixdown phase… including some traditional Jungle style tracks, and some new 808/909 type influenced tracks that have been sitting on for a bit. I tend to work solo on most music projects, but have a couple of things in the works that involve collaboration at the sample/stem level. Hoping to reveal more detail around that soon. Also, doing a lot of work with Junglist MC Baxter (my pit-lab mix), who makes quite a few appearances in my music and on the custom T shirts I wear to gigs.

What are a few places that you have played at now that you would really like to re-visit?

That’s a tough one! I’m sure this will sound like a cliché answer…. but I can honestly say that every place I have played over the years has had its own character and awesomeness about it. Each city (and country) seems to have their own dedicated scene, and it is always great to meet new people, talk about the music, perform, and connect. The first time playing a particular city is always exciting, and it is an honor to be invited back. I do wish that some of the venues I played in the mid 1990s were still around… would love to have a chance to rock out at some of those again!

Any upcoming events that readers can catch you at?

Certainly! Current confirmed dates for the next couple months of 2017 are:

  • Big Dub Festival – July 26-30 – Artemas, PA USA
  • Boomtown Fair – August 10-13 – Winchester, UK
  • Inperspective Records Presents – August 13 – London, UK
  • Up To Date Festival – September 8-10 - Bialystok, Poland
  • Bass Harvest – September 22-24 – Artemas, PA USA

Any closing thoughts or shout outs?

Shout out to DNB Universe for the opportunity to have this discussion! Also, big appreciation those who have pre-ordered my Make It Funky / Lovelight record on Elm Imprint. And to everyone I have had the opportunity to meet and interact with while doing this crazy music thing…. Cheers!

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