Catching up with some artists...

We had a brief chat with German based producer Tweakz! He has been following drum & bass/jungle music for a number of years now and made waves last year with his single "1995"! His new productions for Syncopix Records are another great addition for his discography.

Hello Michael, it's nice to catch up with you. How are things going lately?

Hey! Been a bit busy with finishing off some new tunes, besides that it’s been pretty chilled.

You have a new release out now on Syncopix Records. The "Reminiscent" EP, has a great cohesiveness and feeling to it. After a number of listens, it is hard to pick a favorite as they are all equally good! Can we expect more music like this from you?

Thanks for the compliment! Funny that you mention it…all of the tunes were made in different times. "Curtains" was initially started in 2014, "For A While" in 2016 and "Reminiscent" in February 2017. Yeah of course! Cooked up some tunes for the near future!

Do you feel most at home producing liquid dnb more than other styles?

Not really. I'm into all styles of dnb but I’ve just fell in love with the liquid sound. More harder sounds are coming soon though!

So your track titled "1995" that came out last year on Syncopix Records gave all the dance floors a buzz! How many requests to remix the track have you gotten now and how do you feel about someone remixing it?

Would love to get this one remixed! But so far there were no requests. Let's see what the future might bring.

Can you give us a few artists or labels that have inspired you over the years?

Definitely Nu:Tone! Always loved his funk infused beats & also his more jungley vibes! If i had to pick one label it would be Hospital Records.

How is the local dnb culture in your city of Hamburg? Any particular event nights that you enjoy?

The local scene here in Hamburg is pretty healthy and supportive. Always loved the Drumbule & Hoch10 events, those are the go-to events here in Hamburg for dnb.

Do you have any forthcoming music or upcoming dj appearances that you would like to mention?

Been busy in the studio lately and will release a freebie soon! I’ll be playing at Liquid Concrete on the 22nd of September and on the 30th of September at Bass Forward The Revolution.

Any closing thoughts or shout outs?

Big shout outs to everyone supporting me and my music! There is more to come!

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