Repertoire was founded in 2009 when Law’s sophomore track “Sophine” found its way into the ears of Tobie and Phil @ Nu-Urban distribution. “Sophine” was very nearly signed to Phil’s Pristine Recordings imprint, but instead Law insisted it be released on a brand new label of his own entitled “Repertoire”.

After the release of REPRV001: “Sophine” b/w “Cloud Fairy” by Brighton’s X-Nation, Nu-Urban soon folded and Repertoire was left to fend for itself. After a few digital releases, including REPR003 by Dutch producers Infest & Quasi, the label soon wound down as Law focussed on the oldskool jungle resource Drumtrip. 

Coming back from a couple of years in the wilderness, Repertoire returned in 2013, now with label manager Ben Repertoire at the helm who quickly commissioned a string of digital releases from the likes of Charlie Turbo & MPathy, Okee, Probe-One and state-side duo Kasious &  Reximus. 

Buoyed by the success of that record Repertoire quickly moved forward with its biggest release to date, “The Past & Present EP” which featured tracks by scene stalwarts Realside (Sonar Circle) and The Invisible Man, alongside jungle renaissance man Tim Reaper, and Law & Wheeler.                                              

Next on the agenda was Repertoire’s most ambitious release yet; an 11 track CD album and 12″ four track vinyl sampler. Entitled “Full Repertoire” the album features some of the biggest names in underground jungle such as DJ Trax, Madcap, Kid Lib, Soul Intent, SoulStructure and many more.





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