Read up on various artists that we have chatted with.
  • JUICE! Drum & Bass Portland

    JUICE! Drum & Bass Portland

    With an early love for Drum & Bass music and settling into a different environment, Chemynne set out on a mission to provide great quality event nights in her new home. With the help of some local venue owners, she took a leap of faith and JUICE was born in 2005, creating these enjoyable music gatherings for the local community. Like many smaller event nights, JUICE has had their share of struggles, but has remained vigilant and consistent which is why they are still here today pumping out the positive vibrations. Read More
  • Aaron Static

    Aaron Static

    Keeping active in the studio, working for a great UK music label, and enjoying the abundance of talent surrounding him in Australia, Aaron Static has a lot going for him. Having started out early in life making music and with a back catalog of productions in varying genres, he is certainly solidifying himself into history. We had the opportunity of talking with Aaron regarding his passion for music. Read More
  • BSN Posse

    BSN Posse

    Residing in Málaga, Spain, BSN Posse are always working on creating new music in various genres whether it's Juke, Jungle, or Footwork to name a few. The two artists which make up BSN Posse, Broken Lip & Stay Puft, also run their own label titled, Iberian Juke. Being open minded and helping to support other upcoming talent, they are certainly focused on getting the music out there for everyone's enjoyment. Read More
  • Artsea


    Artsea keeps active by seeking out the best food spots, producing music, and helping support the local drum & bass community in Melbourne, Australia. Ready to give out some free music this year on his Soundcloud page and with a new release out on Shadowhearts Recordings, he is all about getting the music out into the world. After working on music in all genres for a number of years now and coming full circle back to his big love for Drum & Bass, we caught up with Artsea to see what he's been up to. Read More
  • Physics


    Repping the Finland drum & bass culture, Physics has been busy for years producing, djing, and running his own music label, Midnight Sun Recordings. He is looking to release music that's genuine as well as offer help to the newer artists looking to become established producers themselves. With a brand new release out now featuring a remix from two of Finland's rising producers, we got in touch with Physics for a brief chat. Read More
  • Frodo


    Whether he is hiking, working on music productions, or busy with the Tempo label and shop, Frodo keeps active in the Netherlands and local Drum & Bass community. With a new sub label kicking off and hoping to release his second album later this year under the PRPLX name with close friend Deepflow, we got in touch with Frodo for an update on things. Read More
  • Channell


    Floating under the radar, Channell remains open minded, and keeps active playing bass along with guitar in a few groups outside of producing music in the studio. Having recently moved to Manchester and staying engaged in the local music culture, he remains positive with solid releases already part of his resume. With a big love for drum & bass music and enjoying the creative journey, we caught up with Channell who was kind to spare some time. Read More
  • Scary Woods

    Scary Woods

    Scary Woods have been keeping busy with a number of things from, working on crafting their musical style while also running the Insomnius Music label and hosting drum & bass events in their city. With a deep passion for music and drum & bass, the duo have made it a point to make sure their music is completely original in the studio and also welcome younger talent to send demos to the label. We got in touch with Scary Woods for the full story. Read More
  • Askel


    Living in a city with nice views and some good food while enjoying the old and new sounds of drum & bass is where you can find Askel. Keeping things moving in the studio and with an open door for collaborating, we are sure you will hear his name a bit more. Finnish producer Askel was able to chat with us about some of his recent music out now on a variety of labels. Read More
  • Ded Sheppard

    Ded Sheppard

    Artist Ded Sheppard has provided listeners with a new journey through the deep and darker realms of music via his new concept album titled, "You Can't Take It With You", being released by Onset Audio. Filled with plenty of layers and setting the mood well, this is a solid listen from beginning to end. Andy was able to talk with us regarding his latest musical project and what helps keep him inspired. Read More
  • Altitude


    Residing in Dubai, Altitude has been making music for a number of years now and offers consistent productions along with a, quality over quantity mindset. With an already impressive back catalog while still remaining somewhat elusive, Altitude is venturing back into the light with new music out now on none60 Records. We have been able to get in touch with Altitude for an update on things. Read More
  • Jaybee


    With an early jump start into music through playing hiphop records, Jaybee soon gathered an interest into electronic music and has since been able to land his productions on a variety of great drum & bass labels. Hosting a nice selection of collaboration and remix work with other talented producers, broadcasting on Bassdrive and keeping busy with life, we were able to get in touch with Jaybee for a brief chat. Read More
  • Ding


    Starting out early doing visual arts and leading him into music production, Czech based producer, Ding, is now keeping busy crafting new soundscapes and offering up releases on various labels. His productions explore all the tempo ranges and often have a minimal/tech vibe. Ding was kind enough to offer us some of his time for a few questions. Read More
  • Silent Dust

    Silent Dust

    Silent Dust have been keeping busy for plenty of years now telling stories with their music and running their own imprint none60 Records. Keeping the doors open to a broad spectrum has helped them gather a nice variety of talent, apparent in the back catalog. With more fresh sounds just published on none60, we managed to get in contact with Andy, from Silent Dust for a chat about his thoughts on music and co-running his label. Read More
  • Marginal


    Open minded, versatile, and continuing to push their way through tempos and genres, the duo known as Marginal are back with new music on Translation Recordings. The "Delusionism" EP is a nice adventure into varying soundscapes that keep you thinking. With no intentions on stopping anytime soon, we caught up with Marginal for a chat. Read More
  • Flowrian


    With an early love for electronic music as well as listening to early jazz musicians, lost deep in the music is where you will find Flowrian. Recently teaming up with fellow producer Simstah, they have created a fantastic album titled "Serendipity", out on the Jazzsticks Recordings label. As Flowrian continues to broaden his discography with another quality release, we had a chance to get in touch with him for an update. Read More
  • Fushara


    Riding on the waves of London drum & bass/jungle culture and crafting his sound for years, Fushara delivers a new album, out now on the ever impressive label, 7th Storey Projects. Taking you through a deep and atmospheric setting, "Tomorrow's Symbolism" is sure to be a future classic, but still flying under the radar for some. The new album is a testament to Fushara's attention to detail and delivering quality productions as a standard. We thought it would be good to check in with him for an update. Read More


    There is no doubt that this elusive artist has an ear for making great liquid drum & bass! When he is not working on music, you might catch him enjoying the great scenery, food, or fishing around his home country of Greece. Landing his productions on a variety of great labels and also running his own label, Liquid Drops, we checked in with drum & bass/jungle producer, MSDOS. Read More
  • Safire


    We have gone all the way down under for a brief chat with producer and label owner, Safire. Keeping busy working on music, djing at various events and managing the Plasma Audio label, Safire is still deep in the groove providing another nice selection of music on his recent "Distant Light" EP. Read More
  • Soulful Nature

    Soulful Nature

    Digging through dusty record bins or in the studio arranging some smooth and jazzy drum & bass is where you are likely to find Soulful Nature. Building on an already nice catalog of music, his newer "Memories" EP is another great selection. We were lucky to get in touch with Soulful Nature for a few questions regarding his love of vinyl and music productions. Read More
  • Revaux & Melinki

    Revaux & Melinki

    This collaboration effort is a great combination and these artists are already on their way to creating an imprint in this worldwide community. Production duo Revaux have met up with Melinki to bring us the "Totem" EP on A R Records based out of the UK. Read More
  • Oliver Yorke

    Oliver Yorke

    London based drum & bass producer Oliver Yorke has been working on some new sound designs and arrangements. You can find his music on such labels as Vandal Limited, Alignment, none60, IM:LTD, and Retrospective. With his new collaboration featuring Silent Dust, we got in touch with Oliver for a few questions. Read More
  • Dissect, Sicknote, & J. Bionic

    Dissect, Sicknote, & J. Bionic

    We have linked up with the trio Dissect, Sicknote, and J. Bionic to get an update on music and their new label PAWS Recordings. Keeping busy in the studio creating new sounds and at the shops flipping through records is where you are likely to catch these guys. Read More
  • M:Pathy


    Busy crafting his sound with releases on various labels like Terabyte Records, Skalator Music, Suspect Device Music, and more, we got in touch with M:Pathy for a few questions! M:Pathy's recent work can be found on a variety of podcasts and dj mixes from around the dnb community with support from veteran acts. Read More
  • Fanu


    Making his own imprint on the drum & bass/jungle community for years now is the name, Fanu aka FatGyver. Always busy crafting new arrangements, he is also busy running a label and offering mastering services! With his newest album now available, we got in touch with Fanu for a few questions. Read More


    A new production group has formed, featuring Quentin Hiatus, Thomas B, & Ghast. If you follow the label, Free Love Digi, then you most likely already know these guys. They were kind enough to give us some of their time for a few questions. We decided to get the scoop on this new collaboration project titled, ONISM QI. Read More
  • Imanzi


    We decided to check in with Imanzi for a quick chat. This UK junglist stays busy deejaying at various events, hosting a broadcast on Subtle FM and making music in the studio. Read More
  • Filip Motovunski

    Filip Motovunski

    This month DNB Universe caught up with Croatian producer & dj Filip Motovunski. He keeps busy djing throughout the Balkans and his new single "Lava" & "Shakka" have been getting support from Hype, Alix Perez, & Skeptical to mention a few. Read More
  • Jumpat


    DNB Universe has reached out for a brief chat with the drum & bass dj and producer, Jumpat. Staying active with his local scene in Germany and with a number of releases now out, he is also a staple in the Sun & Bass festival each year in San Teodoro! Read More
  • Anthony Kasper

    Anthony Kasper

    American based drum & bass producer Anthony Kasper is always on the move creating vibrant tunes.  Besides being busy releasing music on Fokuz Recordings and helping host their podcasts, he also has releases out on other various labels such as, Soul Deep Recordings, Good Looking Records, Fizzy Beats, Driven AM Recordings and more! Read More
  • A-Sides


    DNB Universe has reached out to A-Sides for some brief insight to his career. He runs his own label, has hundreds of releases over the years on various known labels, and he has plenty of experience behind the decks. A-Sides currently has his most recent album "Quart" on sale in 5 different parts. Sectors one, two, and three are all out now with four & five to follow. This year marks 25 years for his musical journey. Read More
  • Will Miles

    Will Miles

    We have reached out to D.C. drum & bass, badman, Will Miles with a few questions. He has been making tracks and spinning tunes for quite some time now. Will also just recently shared the first vinyl single release for the Elm Imprint label with A-Sides. Here is the scoop on what he has been up to. Read More
  • Ricky Force

    Ricky Force

    DNB Universe have reached out this month to the one and only Ricky Force! If you follow jungle music, then we are sure that you might have heard of this guy. This Irish badman runs Pressin' Hard records and has landed releases on various known labels with his heavy amen edits! We decided to get in touch with Ricky and get a run down for the new and older followers out there. Read More
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