London based drum & bass producer Oliver Yorke has been working on some new sound designs and arrangements. You can find his music on such labels as Vandal Limited, Alignment, none60, IM:LTD, and Retrospective. With his new collaboration featuring Silent Dust, we got in touch with Oliver for a few questions.

Hello Oliver, thanks for letting us get in touch. How are things going?

Yeah, things are ok, London is taking a bit of a beating at the moment but otherwise things are good thanks.

You have releases on a number of good labels now. Can you give us a little background on what first captured your interest into getting involved with drum & bass?

Ha, god we’re going back years and years now! Need to try and remember – started listening to Bukem and tape packs in my early teens, starting going to big raves in the late 90s, started djing shortly after and then trying to produce somewhere in the early noughties I guess – it’s all a bit blurry now ha.

With plenty of dnb nights around London, What are some favorite nights that you enjoy in your local city?

Future is always great when it’s on, and I love dipping into Soul in Motion now and then – I think it’s so good having a free regular night that's fairly central – I should go more to be honest. My favourite at the moment though is One.Seventy – a night set up for those of us into the slightly more leftfield side of things and such a good vibe. And it’s a Sunday afternoon session!

Your new single "Not Giving Up" & "Wanderer" is out now on the none60 Records label. We see the first collaboration release on none60 between yourself and Silent Dust. Is it safe to say there will be more future collaborations with Silent Dust?

Yes I think so! We’ve already got another couple of things on the go so watch this space.

What's in the works that you can tell us about? Anymore new collaborations or remix work?

Exciting things are happening but some I can’t talk about! Just finished a little colab with Redeyes though, something a bit different we started a while back, and then I think there should be an EP or two coming soon.

Any upcoming dj gigs confirmed recently?

Not sure which one but I think you’ll be able to catch me down at One.Seventy at some point.

I know this is always a hard question but, can you give us 3 tracks that you are hooked on lately?

  • Silent Dust – Myths
  • A slighty older one I’ve been hammering again: Jon convex – With You (Kid Drama remix)
  • dbridge – db vs 45 Kings

Any closing thoughts or shout outs?

Huge shouts to Andy and Dan aka Silent Dust, J DLR, Mike Antagonist, Redeyes, Alex Organic, Rob One.Seventy and of course my other half Amy.

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