Norwegian artist Fishy has been making waves in the drum & bass genre for a number of years now. He has music out on a wide variety of labels and doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. When Fishy isn't busy working on music or collaborating with other artists, you will find him keeping active in the gym or outdoors while enjoying music from a large spectrum of styles.

Hello Eivind, it's great to have you on board for a chat. Has the new year been off to a good start for you so far?

It has been good although a bit hectic as I recently had a son and we are moving houses. I Have not been able to produce as much as I packed down my main computer, but could not stay away totally, so brought forth an older laptop I had.

You have been putting music out for over ten years now on a number of great labels such as Omni Music, Soul Deep Recordings, Smooth N Groove Records, and Offworld Recordings, to name just a few. Can you give our readers some background on what first got you interested in electronic music? Were you djing before producing?

I got into electronic music as a kid back in 2001, I was listening to trance and hardcore. Started producing hardcore back in 2003-2004 and got into listening to dnb and producing it around 2006-2007. Got into dnb while listening to old breakbeat hardcore, moved into jungle and the old atmospheric sounds. I haven't really been DJing much at all. If you see any guest mixes from me around they are put together in my DAW haha.

The song "Way Back" you did has just come out on the Foundations Vol. 4 compilation through Four Corners Music. Another lovely production you have put together that just rolls right along filled with the smooth, liquid vibes. Melinki has really set up a great label and continues to deliver a nice variety of artists with excellent music. Do you have a good repour with Melinki now, could we hope to see more from you on this label in the future?

Yes it's actually my second tune on the label. There is a collab with Dan Guidance and me on the 4 corners summer compilation called "Haven". I haven't spoken much with Melinki other than sending the demos, but yes I'd like to release more as I think it's a good label.

I see that you have some other new music out now and in February, can you give the readers some more information about what to look for?

I have several releases coming, there are two EPs coming soon on DNBB. One EP coming soon on Omni music. There is a collab coming with Dan Guidance on Offworld right about now! I have collaborated a lot with Dan Guidance and Marvel Cinema, so we have stuff coming on Lizplay, Grid Recordings, Liquid drops, and Liquid Lab. Also maybe some darker stuff on True Box, not really confirmed. I have spoken a few times with Mav so I got a liquid tune coming on his label Scientific also. I have no idea when these are gonna drop. I have some collabs with Nostre we probably should get signed at some point. I probably forgot something.

When it comes to producing, do you find it easier or more difficult when collaborating with another artist? Do you have list of goals you wish to accomplish during your time of making music?

With producers I worked a lot with like Dan Guidance, Marvel Cinema and Peron I find it's real easy to collaborate as we just build on the original idea and it always gets done with no stress. I don't have any lists of any sorts. It's just natural. I just make some music when I feel like it. If it doesn't turn out to be a final tune I have material ready for collab work.

How are things local to where you live in regards to the music events? Anything in particular you attend regularly or recommend?

There's some dnb events in Oslo 1.5 hours drive away, but I haven't gone. I don't really attend any, I'm more into the production and listening on my own.

Fishy - Open Space - Influenza Media

When you aren't working on music, what else do you like to do?

I like to go to the gym or practice playing the piano. I like to go on hikes also and swim alot during the summer as I live by the coast.

What music have you been keeping in rotation lately that you would suggest readers to check out?

Well a lot of dnb, the atmospheric stuff like old Good Looking and similar I always return to, but I also enjoy recent dnb as well. I listen to alot of harder dnb also like intense "foghorn" type stuff, just as much as liquid. (I don't know why people dislike these crazy modern basslines) For liquid I'm really into what The North Quarter puts out. I also enjoy UK garage and bassline a lot. I listen to hip hop and metal also. Mostly doom metal, the band Windhand is my favorite. I also like to listen to old 70's type soul and similar, it's fun to discover obscure stuff.

Any closing thoughts or shout outs?

Thanks for the interview and shout outs to all DJs who play my music. Shout out to all listeners and artists I collab with!

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