We have reached out to D.C. drum & bass artist, Will Miles with a few questions. He has been making tracks and spinning tunes for quite some time now. Will also just recently shared the first vinyl single release for the Elm Imprint label with A-Sides. Here is the scoop on what he has been up to.

You have been pushing drum & bass from the Richmond, VA area for years now. How have things been with you and the local scene down there?

The local scene in Richmond isn't very DNB friendly. Most parties are a mix of different genres, with DNB included. That's the only way you'll get people to the venues.

So far you have a number of tracks released on the Elm Imprint label. You also just recently had a vinyl single come out with A-Sides on Elm. Do you feel at home working with a label so close that is offering digital and vinyl releases?

I love working with Elm Imprint. They are the only label at the moment making it worth my time to put out music. So many labels have high expectations for you to meet, with little to no return for the effort. Elm makes it possible for me to live, and pay bills while making music.

Any current collaborations or remix work in progress?

I just received a pack from Asides to remix a classic from his Eastside label. I have collaborations in the works with Pish Posh, Jaybee, MC Fats, Robert Manos, & Mia V.

Do you have any updates or plans in the works for your label, Miles A. Head Recordings?

Miles A. Head will be looking for artists to showcase. I really want to have an outlet for artists other than myself and Kjell lol

Can you give us a current top 5 tunes that you have been rinsing out?

Research by Cause for Concern Serum's remix of Quarterpounder Bass Moody Runt by Digital Bass God VIP from yours truly Shake Hit by Kjell

Closing thoughts or shout outs?

Shouts to all the DJ's, producers, fans, friends, and family who have supported me in any way along the DNB journey. It's a long road to travel, and I'm just trying to stay in my lane.

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